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Car hire in Oporto

Oporto is not only Portugal’s second largest city, but also the capital of its beguiling north, Port. One distinctive characteristic of Oporto is the presence of the ¨Barcos Rabelos¨ , famous sailboats used to ship Port downstream from the vineyards. Despite the fact that this was an extremely dangerous journey, the Barcos Rabelos continued to be used after the introduction of the Port train in the late 1800´s.

Nowadays, these famous boats take part of an annual race held in Oporto in June.

Oporto visitors will find that it is a city full of contradictions, because on the one side an unidentifiable charm will seduce them, but on the other side, they will be able to check for themselves the very poor European standards prevailing there.

Traditional dishes like ¨Tripas¨ (tripe) and ¨Ameijoas¨ (clams) are served in the boisterous, non-pretentious seafood restaurants placed near the river.

The Sé catedral, a 13th century cathedral renovated in the 18th century, and which is located on the hill above Oporto´s historic São Bento train station is one of the main architectural attractions.

Stunning views are provided just by climbing the Renaissance epoch stairs which lead us to a chapterhouse. Another extraordinary church with a Gothic exterior and decadent gilded Rococo interior is the Igreja de São Francisco.

Another impressive building, which was constructed in the 19th century, is a Bolsa, It includes an array of styles, which goes from a neoclassic façade to a Moorish interior.

Summing up, it can be said that Oporto visitors will not only feel attracted by the city itself, but also by the city’s biggest export – Port.

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