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Portugal Rent
Terms and Conditions

All prices in Euros are final, no hidden costs.

These special prices available only thru the Internet, cannot be combined with any other promotions, and are only available to persons that reside outside Portugal and are arriving by plane, train or ship.

Deductibles / Franquia

Car groups  Deductible

  Deductible € 280 SCDW per day

E, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5 € 1,600 € 17.00
R, R1 € 1,600 € 20.00
F, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 € 1,600 € 29.00
H, L1, V, S € 2,000 N/A
J1, H1 € 2,500 N/A
M, M1, M2, N, N1 € 1,600 € 36.00

1st Clause (Extent of the Agreement)

The current contract is celebrated between Portugalrent, Lda, also fancy commercially with the designation Portugalrent Rent a Car (trademark of Portugalrent), forward designated for lessor and the client identified on the first clause of the specific terms, and foward designated by renter, applying the current, general and specific clauses appearing in the front and back of this contract, without prejudicate any derogation or alteration effectuated by written.

2nd Clause (Delivery and Devolution of the vehicle)

1 –The rented vehicle is delivered to the renter, on time for the signature of the current contract.

2 – The renter acknowledge that the vehicle now delivered it is in good condition of functionally, equipped with all the accessories and tyres in good conditions, without any apparent defects;

3 – The renter is obliged to maintain the vehicle in good conditions of conservation and cleanliness, pledging oneself to return it to the lessor among with all documents and accessories referring it, in the condition that it was delivered, on time foreseen at the term of the current contract.

4 – The vehicle should be returned at the term of the current contract or at the time of their resolution in the facilities of the lessor, or in place suggested by this one.

5 – In case of the vehicle be returned in a different place of the one mentioned in the previous paragraph the renter reply’s for the damages caused to the lessor with that situation.

6 – The renter is obliged to return the vehicle in the facilities of the lessor where the vehicle was delivered unless otherwise stated, within working hours, from 9h00 to 13h00 and from 15h00 to 19h00.

7 –The renter is responsible for all the casualties’ damages including theft or robbery of the vehicle, if it’s not deliver to the clerk of the lessor.

8 – The delay in the restitution of the vehicle appoints the renter in the obligation of paying to the lessor, on the account of penal provision for each day, all or part, an amount estimated based on the triple of the daily tariff performed by the lessor for the vehicle, object of the contract.

9 – Presenting the vehicle contrary defects to its cautious and normal use, the renter should indemnify the lessor for the cost of its repair.

10 – The renter is responsible for the payment of the caused damages in the upper and lower parts of the vehicle, as long as there is no collision.

11 – Without prejudice of the established in the former numbers, in case of renting merchandise vehicles, the renter is responsible for all the damages caused in the upper and lower parts of the body of the vehicle, even though this may be provoked by the collision in trees, balconies, bridges or other obstacles.

12 – The current contract will be automatically settled without the need of appeal to judicial way, if the vehicle that constitute its object were used in conditions that constitute violation of the same.

13 – In the referred case in the former number, beyond the automatic resolution of the contract, the lessor reserves the right of recover the vehicle, at any moment, without need of previous notice, being the respective charges of unique and entire responsibility of the renter.

3rd Clause (Use of the vehicle)

1 – The renter cannot effect on the vehicle any modification or alterations, not even install accessories, append publicity or advertising, without former written authorization from the lessor, under penalty of being considered in bad faith, in the disposition of the article 1275º of Civil Code.

2 – The renter pledge oneself, to henceforth, not allow that the vehicle should be driven by people that are not identified at the current contract of renting or added document to it.

3 –The renter can only use the vehicle object of the current contract within the Portuguese territory, except if it had expressed authorization.

4 – The renter pledge oneself to not use or do not allow the use of the vehicle on the following situations:

a) To effect public transportation of passengers, goods or others in exchange for any compensation or remuneration;

b) For use of the vehicle in sports competition or trainings, authorized or not;

c) For transportation of goods with violation of customs duties or fiscal regulation or for other motive such conduct will be illegal;

d) To push or pull any vehicle or tow;

e) By any person under influence of alcohol, narcotics or stupefacient’s;

f) To the conveyance of passengers or goods in violation of characteristics of the vehicle constants in the booklet / Single

Document of the vehicle;

5 – The renter remains, henceforth, hindered of sublease, lend or cede, total or partially in any way or business, the emergent privileges of this contract, without former authorization arrange by the Lessor.

6 – The renter bind oneself to lock and bar rightly the vehicle, do not leave inside the documents referring to it or any other objects susceptible of provoking theft, robbery or damages on the vehicle.

7 – The total or partial loss or destruction, of the documentation of the vehicle appoints and obliges the renter to indemnify the Lessor for the inherent damages, namely happening costs of the issue of seconds copies, including administrative costs from the lessor.

4th Clause (Extension of the Rent)

1 – The contract of rent ends on the fixed day in specific clauses.

2 – If the renter wants to extend the time of rent should address to the lessor facilities beforehand minimum 24 hours and obtain a new contract, extending, thus, the time of rent.

3- The referred extension will be in fact subject to approval of the lessor;

4 – The contract is subjected to automatic renovation, the lack of payment of any instalments / monthly payments enable the immediate denunciation of the contract by the lessor.

5 – If the lessor does not accept to extend the contract the renter bind oneself to deliver the vehicle on the previously settled date.

5th Clause (Maintenance and Repair of the Vehicle)

1 - Perceiving the existence of some mechanical problem in the vehicle the Renter pledge oneself to immediately immobilise it and contact the Lessor.

2 – If the vehicle remain stopped, due to mechanical breakdown, the repairs only can be effected by means of previous written agreement, of the lessor and according to the given instructions.

3 – Any costs with towing inside or outside of the country due to bad use of the vehicle will be always the renter’s responsibility.

6th Clause (Insurances)

1 – The renter can contract the fallowing insurances:

a) Super CDW – Comprise all damages caused in the vehicle and its total or partial robbery, the lessee will be subject to the minimum contracted franchise and the following exclusions, tires damaged, perforations, tire bursting, wheels, mirrors, back mirrors, tools, the inside of the vehicle, lower part of the vehicle, damage to the clutch, damage caused due to the error on the stocked fuel. It will always be the lessee responsibility, the payment of the damage value. The reduced franchise option, in case of accident or damage, it will always have an open cost of process in the value of 85,00€.

b) – CDW – Comprise all damages caused in the vehicle and its total or partial robbery, and the renter is subjected to pay a changeable tax in the light of type of vehicle.

c) – TW – Comprise the theft and robbery of the vehicle

d) – PAI – Comprise individual accidents of the driver and or occupiers of the vehicle, which maximal amounts are 1.500,00 € in case of illness or interment, and of 15.000,00 € in case of death or invalidity;

2 – The renter bind oneself in case of accident to have the fallowing proceedings:

a) Communicate to the lessor and to the police authorities any accident, theft, ro0bbery or any other disasters, on maximal term of 24 hours;

b) Obtain the names and addresses of the people involved and witnesses;

c) Do not abandon the vehicle without take the proper measures regarding its protection and safeguard;

d) Do not assume any responsibility on declare oneself guilty in case of accidents, that may implicate responsibility to the lessor;

e) Call immediately to the lessor supplying a full report of the accident including an official paper made by the police authorities.

3- In case of accident, theft or robbery the renter is responsible for a tax referring to the damages caused in the vehicle till the amount fixed on the tariffs into effect on date of issue of the current contract.

4 – That tax can be annulled through the previous acceptance of the Super CDW insurance according to the category of the rented vehicle.

5 – The renter will not be responsible for the losses or damages caused in the vehicle if had contracted with the lessor the payment of the Super CDW insurance (Damages in the vehicle and total or partial robbery of the vehicle, with exemption of tax), CDW (Damages in the vehicle and total or partial robbery of the vehicle) being in this case only responsible for the payment of the compulsory and irreplaceable tax into effect in each moment and constant of the renting tariff.

6 – Only the renter and / or the indicated drivers in the current renting contract can usufruct of the insurances Super CDW, CDW e PAI covering.

7 – Even in case of the renter subscribe the Super CDW, all the happening damages of misure of the vehicle, will be its exclusive responsibility.

8 – In case of accident due to excessive speed, negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotic products or consumption of any product that diminish the capacity of driving, the renter will be responsible by the totality of the expenses of repairing and indemnity corresponding to the time of stoppage of the uneven vehicle, even though the Super CDW insurance has been contracted.

9 – The vehicle will be only protected by insurance for the agreed period in the renting contract, except if there is prolongation of the contract in the dispositions of the current general conditions, declining, henceforth, the lessor total and any responsibility by the caused accidents or that may be caused by the renter besides the agreed time in the current contract being this one the exclusive responsable for it.

7th Clause (Payments)

1 – The renter bind oneself to pay the right sums, happening of the celebration of the current contract, to the lessor as soon as it may be requested, namely:

a) The due price for renting the vehicle, in the light of the time of renting and respective distance in Kilometres calculated according to the tax constant of the particular conditions of the current term;

b) All and any charges referring to the suppression of the replaceable tax, insurance of personal accidents, insurance of clash, collision and overturn, robbery insurance and any other expenses applicable according to the tax or rates constants of the particular conditions of the current contract;

c) All the incidental taxes and rates concerning the renting of the automobile vehicle or the fixed amount by the lessor for reimbursement from those taxes;

d) All the costs supported by the lessor emerging of the receiving of payments in debt by the renter, in consequence of the current contract, including attorney’s fees;

2 –Each and every invoice that is not pay on maturity date will be increased of interests on late payment to maximal rate legally allowed, as well as subjected to an increase of 20% on the account of a penal clause and indemnity for suffered damages;

3 – In case of accident the renter will pay, on the account of administrative expenses with the respective process, 150 € (twenty Euros).

4 – The renter for guarantee the accomplishment of the happening obligations of the current contract will render caution for the referred amount in specific conditions, being this in preference used for payment of penal clauses, interests on late payment, expenses and indemnities.

5 – The referred Caution is rendered in credit card, or other way of agreed payment;

6 – The Renter authorise fully the Lessor to fill and to debit in the referred credit card, or other way of payment, the due amounts.

7– The Lessor, although the set in number six, can require, yet, that the Renter presents one or more trustees;

8 – The trustee(s) subscriber(s) of the current contract, identified in the particular conditions of the current contract, assume (they assume) the obligation of leading payer(s) assure (they assure) and answer (they answer) for all the happening obligations of the current contract.

9 – The trustees abdicate henceforth from the benefit of the attachment foreseen in section 639º of the Civil Code.

8th (Personal Data)

1 – The personal data of the renter and driver(s) of the vehicle are of obligatory supplying for celebration of the current contract and they intend to the lessee identification and/or driver’s of the rented vehicles, not being able to give them another destination or utilization, except if there is a previous consent of the respective holders.

2 – Given the provisions of Article 6º of the law nº 67/98, of 28 October, means that the lessee, in case of breach of contract, allows the the lessee to communicate their personal data to ARAC – Associação dos Industriais de Aluguer de Automóveis sem Condutor, to the inclusion in the data base of defaulters and posterior divulgation by the associated companies, if you do not report their will to the contrary in the own space.

3 – The lessee is the responsible identity by the informatics treatment of the personal data given in the ambit of the present contract.

        I declare to not allow the insert of my personal data in a data base of defaulters.

9th Clause (Infractions)

1 – The renter bind oneself to refund to the “lessor” the valuables of any fines that the lessor had pay in consequece of illicit conducts performed for the renter;

2 – Increasing, yet, to the amount of the referred fine on the account of administrative expenses;

3 – In case of the lessor be notified, by any public or private entity, only to identify the renter, bind oneself to pay in title of administrative expenses.

10th Clause (Litigations)

1 – The defeated part will bear the expenses derived of such litigations including the fees of the forensic agents that the other part had spend.

2 – The parts settle the indicated addresses in this contract to any contact, namely, to effects of citations, or judicial or extrajudicial notifications.

11th Clause (Information and Explanation)

1 – When requested / applicable it is available a version in English from the general conditions.

2 – The renter recognises that all the constant Clauses of the current contract it were on time and fully communicated and explicated and that the renter was aware of the same, in view of which signs the current contract.


In case of accident: where the driver is found at fault, the insurance companies decline any or all responsibility for that driver of all damages caused to the hired vehicle or to third parties whenever it is detected that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, toxic products or by insanity of the driver or by a driver not in the contract.

Also if the client uses the car in sportive competitions, races, rallies, challenges, contests, bets, etc. Even if the car’s driver is not under the influence of any of the above items but by any means whatsoever destroys our car by his own fault, we shall not refund any amount for the time left to complete the rental. We will only give another car against a large deposit that may cover eventual damages that may be caused to the new car.

Pricing Policy

Please note that prices published on this website are subject to amendment at any time. Prices of extra fees may also be changed at any time without notice.

Prices are fixed in Euros at the day of pick-up and if paid by US credit card (billed in US$) the final price in USD may slightly deviate due to fluctuations in exchange rate at the time of billing submitted to credit card company. We decline responsibility for value variations in the US Dollar against any currencies.

Credit Card Security Deposit

When you rent a car in Portugal a pre-authorization is required for the excess / deductible / franquia amount of the vehicle (See excess / deductible / franquia values). To avoid any responsability on this excess / deductible / franquia, we recomend that you buy the Super CDW.

If a pre-authorization is not left, then the purchase of additional insurances are mandatory to reduce the excess / deductible / franquia to a minimum. If the excess / deductible / franquia is not reduced to zero, a pre-authorization is required for the reduced excess amount.

Even with Super CDW and even on small rentals please make sure your credit card has at least € 500.00 credit line as they will block this amount to cover minimum deductible / fuel and in case you need to extend the rental.

Please note that some rental companies do not accept American Express.


We do not charge for cancellations if client cancels at least 7 days before arrival date on voucher. Just advise us for the new dates and we will calculate the new value. We do not give credits or refunds if client returns the car (early drop-offs) before the time of departure on the voucher after the rental is started. In case of overbooking by the car company our maximum lialibity is the value of our voucher and you must call us as we are always able to get the car at another company. All refunds will be done thru Paypal only.

How can you offer cars at such discounted prices?

For two reasons. First, we have teamed up with the biggest car rental in Portugal who have negotiated these favorable rates. Second, we use the internet to do all the transactions which cuts our cost considerably.

Who created Portugal-auto-rentals.com ?

The service was developed by Brinkleys Systems S.A. an Internet company that specializes in online car reservation systems. For a list of other country services, please write to us.

Driving speed limits

Towns: 31mph (50kmh), outside built-up areas: 56/62mph (90/100kmh), motorways: 74mph (120kmh)

Drinking and driving

Blood alcohol limit is 50mg. at official tram stops, overtaking is forbidden until passengers have finished entering or leaving the tram.

Other prohibitions

Carrying gas cans in cars is forbidden. Do not use the horn except to warn of danger. Park on the right. Give way to the right. Tolls and fine are clients responsabilities

Travel to other countries

Travel to Greece, Morocco or any country involved in war is prohibited. Travel to any country outside western Europe must be requested in advance. Travel to Spain requires a Special Insurance. Please call us for details.

Advise From Us

On arrivals do note that car companies attendants are very aggressive selling extras insurances and other extras and also upgrades to bigger cars but please note that this will duplicate the amount of rental so use your own good judgment please.

An International Driver’s License (IDL) is required if the renter’s national driver’s license is not in Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese). International driver's license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver. UK license holders must present both the photocard and its paper counterpart at the time of rental.

If you do not present any of the documents listed above, the documentation is not valid or you do not have enough funds on your credit card, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle and no funds will be reimbursed to you. Make sure you have a large enough limit to cover the excess. Car companies will only accept original documentation. Copies of documents are not accepted.

Please note that if you collect or return your vehicle outside the pick-up / drop-off time and date booked, additional charges may be applicable. Please also note that the vehicle may not be available if you arrive late to the rental desk. If the vehicle is not released due to a late arrival no funds will be reimbursed. In the event of a delay please contact the rental provider directly.

Quotes are valid for 24 hours only - also note that Automatic cars, Vans and Cabriolets should be requested and booked well in advance as they are sold out months in advance. To confirm your quote you must book it on website or reply to this email with name, address, phone and flight arrival information please.

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