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Terms and Conditions

All prices in Euros are final, no hidden costs.

These special prices available only thru the Internet, cannot be combined with any other promotions, and are only available to persons that reside outside Portugal and are arriving by plane, train or ship.


Delivery and collection during office hours

Unlimited mileage / kilometers

TP (Third Party) insurance

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance, subject to an excess / deductible

All taxes

Airport fees



Baby seats

Parking fines

Traffic fines


Towing charges

Impounding fees

Personal injury insurance


The supplier provides fully comprehensive insurance with an applicable excess liability. However, if you are found to be driving negligently (drink or drug driving), and you are involved in an accident, you will be responsible for any damage incurred to the vehicle. Comprehensive insurance does not cover any damage done to the tires, wheels, windscreen, wing mirrors, windows, and undercarriage of the car, nor loss of the coded keys. This is standard in the car hire industry. For this type of damage, you can purchase supplemental insurance that costs € 3.00 extra per rental day.

Excess Liability / Insurance Coverage

Renter would be liable for damage to the vehicle ranging from € 800 - € 1,500, depending on the car group booked. The applicable amount will be blocked on the renter's credit card, and will be unblocked when the car in returned undamaged.

Excess value if client does not have the Super CDW:

Group A € 800.00
Group B, C1, C € 850.00
Group C2, E, D1, F  € 900.00
Group F1 € 1,000.00
Group I, H, H1 € 1,250.00
Group J, L, L2 € 1,500.00

Super CDW

An excess waiver may be purchased to eliminate the potential excess charge ranging in cost from € 7.00 daily - € 15.00 daily, depending on the car group booked.

Super CDW to avoid deductible / excess costs:

Group A, B, C, C1 € 7.00 per day
Group C2, E, D1, F  € 8.00 per day
Group F1 € 9.00 per day
Group I, H, H1 € 10.00 per day
Group J, L, L2 € 12.00 per day

Payment Policy

Renter must be in possession of a valid credit card MasterCard or Visa.

We do not accept the following credit cards: Dinners Club, American Express, Eurocard. The renter can pay cash.

Drivers Policy

Extra drivers: Cost € 15.00 per rental.

Drivers age and licence requirements: Minimum age 25 years of age, no maximum.

Other terms: There is an extra insurance fee of € 5.00 per rental day to a maximum of € 75.00 per rental.

Optional Extras

These are the extras that you may choose to pre-book for your hire prior to arrival. Although not guaranteed at any time, these items are available upon request, and must be confirmed in advance of your arrival

Booster seat: € 20.00 excludes tax; on request.

Child toddler seat: € 20.00 excludes tax; on request.

Infant child seat: € 20.00 excludes tax; on request.

Roof racks: Not available.

Delivery / Collection Policy

Meet and greet service at Faro Airport. All cars can be collected next to the information desk at the meeting point. This is free of charge. Cars to be delivered to hotels / villas are free of charge, providing the hotel is within 15 km of one of their branches. Over 15 km, fee will be negotiated at the time of reservation.

Additional offices located in Albufeira, Armação de Pêra, Praia da Rocha.

One-Way Rentals Policy

When the drop off place is different of the pick-up place there is a fee according to distance from the pick-up place. The minimum fee is € 20.00 and a maximum of € 50.00 per rental.

Out of Hours Fees

For rentals that occur outside of normal office hours, there is a surcharge of € 20.00. Faro airport service is open from 08:00 to 21:00, and local branches are open from 09:00 to 19:00.

Cross Border Policy

Cars can be taken into Spain if supplier is notified at the beginning of the rental. Spain Insurance costs € 25.00.


In case of accident: where the driver is found at fault, the insurance companies decline any or all responsibility for that driver of all damages caused to the hired vehicle or to third parties whenever it is detected that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, toxic products or by insanity of the driver or by a driver not in the contract.

Also if the client uses the car in sportive competitions, races, rallies, challenges, contests, bets, etc. Even if the car’s driver is not under the influence of any of the above items but by any means whatsoever destroys our car by his own fault, we shall not refund any amount for the time left to complete the rental. We will only give another car against a large deposit that may cover eventual damages that may be caused to the new car.

Pricing Policy

Please note that prices published on this website are subject to amendment at any time. Prices of extra fees may also be changed at any time without notice.

Prices are fixed in Euros at the day of pick-up and if paid by US credit card (billed in US$) the final price in USD may slightly deviate due to fluctuations in exchange rate at the time of billing submitted to credit card company. We decline responsibility for value variations in the US Dollar against any currencies.

Credit Card Security Deposit

When you rent a car in Portugal a pre-authorization is required for the excess / deductible / franquia amount of the vehicle (See excess / deductible / franquia values). To avoid any responsability on this excess / deductible / franquia, we recomend that you buy the Super CDW.

If a pre-authorization is not left, then the purchase of additional insurances are mandatory to reduce the excess / deductible / franquia to a minimum. If the excess / deductible / franquia is not reduced to zero, a pre-authorization is required for the reduced excess amount.

Even with Super CDW and even on small rentals please make sure your credit card has at least € 500.00 credit line as they will block this amount to cover minimum deductible / fuel and in case you need to extend the rental.

Please note that some rental companies do not accept American Express.


We do not charge for cancellations if client cancels at least 7 days before arrival date on voucher. Just advise us for the new dates and we will calculate the new value. We do not give credits or refunds if client returns the car (early drop-offs) before the time of departure on the voucher after the rental is started. In case of overbooking by the car company our maximum lialibity is the value of our voucher and you must call us as we are always able to get the car at another company. All refunds will be done thru Paypal only.

How can you offer cars at such discounted prices?

For two reasons. First, we have teamed up with the biggest car rental in Portugal who have negotiated these favorable rates. Second, we use the internet to do all the transactions which cuts our cost considerably.

Who created Portugal-auto-rentals.com ?

The service was developed by Brinkleys Systems S.A. an Internet company that specializes in online car reservation systems. For a list of other country services, please write to us.

Driving speed limits

Towns: 31mph (50kmh), outside built-up areas: 56/62mph (90/100kmh), motorways: 74mph (120kmh)

Drinking and driving

Blood alcohol limit is 50mg. at official tram stops, overtaking is forbidden until passengers have finished entering or leaving the tram.

Other prohibitions

Carrying gas cans in cars is forbidden. Do not use the horn except to warn of danger. Park on the right. Give way to the right. Tolls and fine are clients responsabilities

Travel to other countries

Travel to Greece, Morocco or any country involved in war is prohibited. Travel to any country outside western Europe must be requested in advance. Travel to Spain requires a Special Insurance. Please call us for details.

Advise From Us

On arrivals do note that car companies attendants are very aggressive selling extras insurances and other extras and also upgrades to bigger cars but please note that this will duplicate the amount of rental so use your own good judgment please.

An International Driver’s License (IDL) is required if the renter’s national driver’s license is not in Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese). International driver's license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver. UK license holders must present both the photocard and its paper counterpart at the time of rental.

If you do not present any of the documents listed above, the documentation is not valid or you do not have enough funds on your credit card, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle and no funds will be reimbursed to you. Make sure you have a large enough limit to cover the excess. Car companies will only accept original documentation. Copies of documents are not accepted.

Please note that if you collect or return your vehicle outside the pick-up / drop-off time and date booked, additional charges may be applicable. Please also note that the vehicle may not be available if you arrive late to the rental desk. If the vehicle is not released due to a late arrival no funds will be reimbursed. In the event of a delay please contact the rental provider directly.

Quotes are valid for 24 hours only - also note that Automatic cars, Vans and Cabriolets should be requested and booked well in advance as they are sold out months in advance. To confirm your quote you must book it on website or reply to this email with name, address, phone and flight arrival information please.

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