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Frequently Asked Questions

The best advise we can give you when you get the car:

Always do a walk around the car and take pictures as lots of times clients will not see damages unless printed by the car rental people at the end so to avoid any surprises we highly recomend the walk around and also take pictures of the car.

Why so many websites have so many diferent rates?

Answer: that is a good question and most clients online nowadays only see the price but forget to read their terms and conditions as not all websites are the same. For example there is a car company out there that will make the clients pay 120 Euros for fuel upfront (we don't deal with any one like that).

Others will charge you all kinds of fees on arrival, we even found one company (we also don't deal with this company) that does not give road assistance and this is bad as if your car breaks down, you have to pay the towing. This is why we advise all clients to please read all terms as not all offers are the same even they might look similar. I recomend you do your home work first and then come back to our site.

Also be very careful about companies that offer free cancelation as even they claim that where you see the rates (open their TERMS & CONDITIONS page) they will charge you the whole rental if you cancel the car 2/3 days before arrival. This is very misleading and most clients don't even catch this.

Do rent a car companies offer E-toll devices (EZ PASS / VIA VERDE)?

Answer: YES, all car companies now offer for a smal daily fee a device that comes in all cars. If interested you must ask the attendant on arrival to activate it. Do note that some tolls will take weeks to arrive into the system so is normal for you to get a bill in your credit card weeks after you return the car. We strongly recommend you to ask for this device as will save lots of time and trouble as some tolls here in Portugal are electrocnic and will be impossible to pay on the spot. Please note that the e-toll device will only work here in Portugal. Also if you have Wi-Fi in the car, it will only work in Portugal. Important: some tolls may take weeks to get to the rent a car so dont be surprise to get a bill after you return to your country!

Are we obligated to buy any aditional insurances on arrival?

Answer: NO, as our rates are inclusive of CDW / TP insurances, you are not mandatory to buy any extras. Do note that on arrival all car companies will try to sell you all kinds of insurances and extras and this is up to the client.

You will be only responsible up to a EXCESS / DEDUCTIBLE / FRANQUIA depending on car type / car company. Please read the EXCESS values for each car company under our TERMS page.

So it is up to the client if they decide to buy any extras to avoid any EXCESS / DEDUCTIBLES and be sure you don't sign anything till you read it please as after you sign it, they will have the power to charge.

On arrival most companies are very agressive trying to sell upgrades of bigger cars and optional extras. We strongly don't advise this as in most cases will not be cheap. But if the car company has also lots of cars around sometimes the offer of an upgrade may be reasonable but always wait for them to make the offer (don't show too much interest). Also be very carefully if you have to rent baby / child / booster seats as on long rentals they will add quite of a big amount as they are very expensive, specially at major car companies as they provide new seats.

What is necessary to rent a car?

Answer: to be at least 21 years old on economy and compact cars, must be driving for at least 1 year, credit card (debit cards are accepted only to pay the rental, not the security deposit), passport or national ID and a drivers license (copies of documents are not accepted). NOTE that 21 is accepted at Avis, Budget, Guerin, Dollar, Hertz but Sixt. Do note that even with 21 years of age you can only rent Economy or Compact cars.

Europcar and Sadorent will require a minimum of 25 years of age and if you under 25 they will charge you a young driver's fee. Also some insurances like PREMIUM / GOZEN PLUS on Europcar clients must be at least 26 years of age.

Why there is difference in car rentals deductibles and extras insurances?

Answer: this depends on car company and usually goes by age fleet. For example Europcar has the newest fleet around so they charge more for deductibles / insurances.

Do car companies require a security deposit in order to rent a car?

Answer: Yes, all car companies will require a security deposit. And for this security they will ask for a major credit card (debit cards or cash are not accepted for the security deposits).

Do you charge for additional driver?

Answer: we offer FREE second drivers on Avis, Budget, Hertz, Dollar, and Europcar. Guerin, Six, Drive on Holidays and Sadorent will charge for second driver.

How is my rate guaranteed?

Answer: Our rates are guaranteed in Euros. Our rates are only available if you do all online and in advance (no phone calls at this rates please). We are a major player in this business saving money to our clients worldwide since 1996!

Why are you quoting me a higher rental rate than the last time I checked prices for the same reservation?

Answer: Car rental pricing is a lot like airfare pricing – our prices change depending on car availability, location popularity, and many other factors. We adjust our pricing on a minute-by-minute basis to remain competitive in the marketplace. Unless it’s an advertised special offer, there generally isn’t one set rate for a particular kind of car, but rather a range of prices depending on the length and dates of your reservation. Even with special offers, the advertised rate usually applies to a limited supply of cars because we have only so many makes and models at each location. When you see a great rate for the car you want – RESERVE IT IMMEDIATELY – because it might not be available later!

Can we travel outside Portugal?

Answer: Only major car companies allow travel outside Portugal and Spain without any charges like Avis, Budget, Hertz, Dollar, Europcar and Sixt. Travelling outisde portugal? Then we recomend only Sixt, Europcar or Hertz as they have the best assistance outside Portugal. Travel to Morocco and Gibraltar is not allowed at all!

Guerin, Drive on Holydays and Sadorent will require a fee to travel to Spain only.

We hear stories about long lines in the summer and during holiday seasons, is this true?

Yes, all the car companies have long lines in the summer months. There are also long lines during Christmas, Easter, April 25th and long weekend holidays. During these holidays, there is a large influx of tourist/flights and this is why there are longer lines during the summer and holidays.

When I rented a car last time in Europe they ask me if I wish to pay in my currency or in Euros, Is there a difference?

YES, there is difference. Always use the local currency (in Portugal, that's the Euro). Otherwise, they do what is called Dynamic Currency Conversion. When they price something for you in USDollars, it is done to their advantage, the merchant gets to choose the exchange rate instead of the credit card company so always pay on the local currency even if you bank outside the European banking system.

What are the fuel policy of car companies in Portugal?

Answer; Sixt, Avis, Guerin, Hertz, Dollar, Europcar, Ilha Verde the tank wil be given to client FULL and you must return also FULL to avoid paying any extras fees!

Low costs cars companies outside the airports like DRIVE ON HOLIDAYS and Sadorent will not give you a FULL tank so just return the car with same level as you got it on arrival please!

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