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Terms & Conditions

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All prices in Euros are final, no hidden costs.

These special prices available only thru the Internet, cannot be combined with any other promotions, and are only available to persons that reside outside Portugal and are arriving by plane, train or ship.


CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance, subject to an excess / deductible

TP (Theft and Fire Protection)

Unlimited mileage / kilometers

23% VAT Portuguese taxes

ASC (Airport Service Charges): € 29.00 value

Free road taxes (do not confuse with tolls please)

Standard roadside assistance in Portugal only


PAI (Personal Accident Insurance): € 7.50 per day, maximum 15 days

Second driver: € 9.00 per day, max 10 days

After hours fee after the station is closed: € 44.60

Super PEC (Luggage Insurance)

ACDW (Windows and Tires Insurance): € 8.00 per day

Booster seat: € 7.00 per day, maximum € 70.00

Baby / child seats: € 10.00 per day, maximum € 100.00

GPS navigation system: € 11.00 per day, maximum 10 days

One way fees: € 80.00 if client returns the car at a different district, charge if rental is less then 3 days

Toll: € 1.85 per day, maximum 10 days + tolls

Excess reduction: Starting at € 6.99 per day

Young driver: Between 19 and 22 years old, € 7.70 per day, maximum 10 days

Wi-Fi: € 6.15 per day, maximum 10 days, available at airport locations only

Top Road Side assistance costs € 7.00 per day up to 15 days. Note that standard one is free.

Full Terms and Conditions

Please click here to read Guerin's full terms and conditions in PDF format.

CDR (Collision Damage Reduction)

CDR limits the renter’s financial responsibility for damage to the rental vehicle. Included is protection against fire.

Insurance / credit card block: Below you will find the the values (called "excess" or "franquia" in Portuguese) that will be blocked on your credit card. This amount ("excess") explained below varies by car type and will be blocked till you return the car at the end of the rental.

TPR (Theft Protection Reduction)

TPR limits the renter’s financial responsibility for loss to the rental vehicle. If the Guerin rental agreement terms and conditions were not violated renter will only be responsible for the applicable excess.


If the Guerin rental agreement terms and conditions were not violated, renter will only be responsible for the following applicable excess amounts.

Car groups SIPP Code Excess Deposit
MI MCMV € 1,180.80 € 300.00
MIA MCAV € 1,180.80 € 300.00
C EDMV € 1,180.80 € 300.00


EDAV € 1,180.80 € 300.00
E CDMV € 1,970.00 € 600.00
EA CDAV € 1,970.00 € 600.00
F JDMV € 2,830.00 € 600.00
FA JDAV € 2,830.00 € 600.00
J CWMV € 1,970.00 € 600.00
JA CWAV € 1,970.00 € 600.00
SM CFMV € 1,970.00 € 600.00
SC IFMV € 1,970.00 € 600.00
SCA IFAV € 1,970.00 € 600.00
GA PLAV € 2,830.00 € 600.00
L1A PWAV € 2,830.00 € 600.00
H1A LWAV € 2,830.00 € 600.00
N1 RVMD € 2,830.00 € 600.00
O1 FVMD € 2,830.00 € 600.00

Super CDW

Car groups Per day
MI € 15.30
C € 15.30
CA € 15.30
E € 15.90
EA € 15.90
F € 28.60
FA € 28.60
J € 15.90
JA € 15.90
SM € 15.90
SC € 15.90
SCA € 15.90
G1A € 28.60
L1A € 28.60
H1A € 28.60
O1 € 28.60


The following exceptions of CDR, vandalism, glass, and windscreens can be waived by purchasing ACDW. Also covers tires from March 2021 at € 8.00 per day up to 15 days max.

Third Party Liability Insurance

50 million Euros cover Guerin cars, according to the insurance certificate.

The violation of the Guerin rental agreement terms and conditions or unreported accidents may void this insurance.

Important Notice

Guerin coverage options (CDR / CDW, TPR) do not cover vandalism damages observed in tires, wheels, roofs, windscreens, car keys, vehicle interiors, undercarriage and all willful damages. In these cases the costumer will be liable to all damages caused to Guerin vehicle due to the damages of this notice. Also Road side assistance does not cover flat tires, loss of keys, wrong fuel or if the car breaksdown because of client negligence.

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

PAI provides accidental death and dismemberment benefits to the renter of the vehicle and its occupants. Maximum cover is € 15,000 for each occupant and € 1,500 for medical expenses.

PAI can be taken at an additional daily charge.

Super PAI & PEC (Personal Effects Coverage)

Super PAI & PEC provides accidental death, dismemberment benefits and additional coverage to the renter’s and car occupants’ goods and luggage, including theft. Maximum cover is:

  • € 50,000 for death and permanent total disablement per each occupant.
  • € 5,000 for medical expenses per each occupant.
  • € 250 for clothing and footwear, per each occupant.
  • € 250 for luggage, per each occupant.

Super PAI & PEC can be taken at an additional daily charge.


Renter must advise Guerin car rental station of any accident within 24 hours of the accident occurring.

In the event of an accident, renter always has to call the police authorities and present at the Guerin car rental station the respective application.

Damage management fee is € 61.50 (paid whenever an accident situation occurs in which the client is held responsible or has not previously subscribed the SCDW).

Also if you have an accident and don't have the Super CDW, Guerin will charge you a € 120.00 accident management fee.

Security Deposit & Payment Policy

You will also be asked to leave a security deposit for a full tank of fuel as all cars come full of gasoline or diesel depending of the car type. Guerin now asks for 2 credit cards on all luxury cars bookings Groups Z, K, L, G, H and also a proof of airline round trip.

Guerin charges a max of 15 days for insurance but based on a 28 days rental maximum only. If rental goes over 28 days they will recalculate this again from day 28 over as a new rental.

Please also add VAT taxes to all extras on arrival - in case you buy any extras or any extra fees. The mentioned values are subject to the legal tax 23% (VAT) and can be changed without further notice.


All drivers must have minimum 1 year of driving license.

Minimum / Maximum Rental

Guerin can only rent cars for a max of 28 days.

Fuel Policy

All cars come full and client must return car also full to avoid any charges and refueling fees. Clients should leave a fuel deposit of € 150.00. If the vehicle is returned with less than a full tank, in addition to petrol shortage an extra charge of € 30.00 for refuelling service will apply.


Guerin offers one of the largest leisure rental fleets in Portugal. Our fleet includes economy through luxury vehicles, station wagon, minivans, four wheel drive and sport utility vehicles. Not only do we have the right vehicle for your customer, but also you know that the vehicle is clean, safe, low-mileage and well maintained. In case of overbooking by the car company our maximum liability is the value of our voucher and you must call us as we are always able to get the car at another company.

GPS Policy

Note that GPS cannot be guaranteed 100%.


In order to use toll service, client must present a valid credit card accepted by Guerin.

Guerin vehicles are fitted with an identifier that allows recognised all the trips made.

On using toll service, the customer is guaranteed the regularization of all trips within the legally allowed time; Guerin will take the responsibility of all the work involved.

This service will be available by € 1.85 per day, maximum 10 days.

If client don’t take the toll service and in case of failure to pay the tolls, Guerin will charge € 24.60 for each identification as an administrative fee.

Delivery / Collections Policy

UK license holders must present both the photo card and its paper counterpart at the time of rental.

Roadside Assistance

Guerin only offers Standart road side assistance for free in Portugal only.  All vehicles in Guerin's  flleet are provided with travel assistance in the event of accidents or breakdowns, with the payment of the tow vehicle always being the responsability of the customer, except in the case of mechanical/electrical breakdown or accidents which 3rd parties are responsible. Flat tires are not covered. The tow costs are € 100 in Portugal and € 500 in Spain.

Guerin offers also a TOP ROADSIDE assistance where it covers any problems/accidents, loss of keys, baterry, flat tires. The TOP one It will be an extra at € 7.00 per day up to 15 days.

Wherever renters drive in Portugal, in the event of an on-the-road mishap, help is just a simple call. With our roadside assistance, Guerin will send help or answer questions as needed. We’re there to help customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so any problems will be dealt with fast and efficiently. Guerin Car Rental Portugal Call Center number is 220 10 22 65.

One-Way Rentals Policy

Guerin is a leader in one-way rentals, which offer added convenience and flexibility. And it doesn’t cost your customers any more money than our set fee. Renters can drop off a Guerin vehicle at any designed station throughout Europe.

Other Terms and Conditions

Easy to make reservations

Our central reservation is staffed with knowledgeable, courteous agents to serve you. Guerin’s advanced reservation and operation system ensures a streamlined rental process from reservation to return and invoicing.

An attached manual is provided to ensure the correct process to place your reservations throughout our reservations system on Internet: http://www.portugal-auto-rentals.com


Every Guerin’s Portugal location strives to deliver exceptional customer service and is served by our ever-expanding technology to make holiday car rental quick and problem free.


Guerin provides renters with local and Portugal maps, free of charge, to assist them in getting around in unfamiliar areas. This means that your customers don’t need to worry about arriving in a new city – you know that we’ll be there to help with directions. Additional information of Portugal’s traffic law is delivered in each Guerin Vehicle.


Package Description Groups CAP € day € max
Basic CDW / Theft Protection / Road Tax / Standard Roadside Assistance Economy 15d € 8.00 € 120.00
Compacts 15d € 10.00 € 150.00
Premium 15d € 17.00 € 255.00
Light CDW / Theft Protection / Road Tax / Standard Roadside Assistance / Excess Reduction Economy 15d € 9.00 € 135.00
Compacts 15d € 11.00 € 165.00
Premium 15d € 18.00 € 270.00
Light Plus CDW / Theft Protection / Road Tax / Standard Roadside Assistance / Excess Reduction / Wheels and Windows Protection Economy 15d € 14.60 € 219.00
Compacts 15d € 16.60 € 249.00
Premium 15d € 23.60 € 354.00
Light Gold CDW / Theft Protection / Road Tax / Top Roadside Assistance / Excess Reduction / Wheels and Windows Protection Economy 15d € 19.50 € 292.50
Compacts 15d € 21.50 € 322.50
Premium 15d € 28.50 € 427.50
Premium CDW / Theft Protection / Road Tax / Standard Roadside Assistance / Super Car Rental Protection Economy 15d € 18.00 € 270.00
Compacts 15d € 20.00 € 300.00
Premium 15d € 30.00 € 450.00
Premium Plus CDW / Theft Protection / Road Tax / Standard Roadside Assistance / Super Car Rental Protection / Wheels and Windows Protection Economy 15d € 22.00 € 330.00
Compacts 15d € 24.00 € 360.00
Premium 15d € 34.00 € 510.00
Premium Gold CDW / Theft Protection / Road Tax / Top Roadside Assistance / Super Car Rental Protection / Wheels and Windows Protection Economy 15d € 25.50 € 382.50
Compacts 15d € 27.50 € 412.50
Premium 15d € 37.50 € 562.50
Platinum CDW / Theft Protection / Road Tax / Top Roadside Assistance / Super Car Rental Protection / Wheels and Windows Protection / Driver and Passenger Protection Economy 15d € 29.25 € 438.75
Compacts 15d € 31.25 € 468.75
Premium 15d € 41.25 € 618.75


In case of accident: where the driver is found at fault, the insurance companies decline any or all responsibility for that driver of all damages caused to the hired vehicle or to third parties whenever it is detected that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, toxic products or by insanity of the driver or by a driver not in the contract.

Also if the client uses the car in sportive competitions, races, rallies, challenges, contests, bets, etc. Even if the car’s driver is not under the influence of any of the above items but by any means whatsoever destroys our car by his own fault, we shall not refund any amount for the time left to complete the rental. We will only give another car against a large deposit that may cover eventual damages that may be caused to the new car.

Pricing Policy

Please note that prices published on this website are subject to amendment at any time. Prices of extra fees may also be changed at any time without notice.

Prices are fixed in Euros at the day of pick-up and if paid by US credit card (billed in US$) the final price in USD may slightly deviate due to fluctuations in exchange rate at the time of billing submitted to credit card company. We decline responsibility for value variations in the US Dollar against any currencies.

Credit Card Security Deposit

When you rent a car in Portugal a pre-authorization is required for the excess / deductible / franquia amount of the vehicle (See excess / deductible / franquia values). To avoid any responsability on this excess / deductible / franquia, we recomend that you buy the Super CDW.

If a pre-authorization is not left, then the purchase of additional insurances are mandatory to reduce the excess / deductible / franquia to a minimum. If the excess / deductible / franquia is not reduced to zero, a pre-authorization is required for the reduced excess amount.

Even with Super CDW and even on small rentals please make sure your credit card has at least € 500.00 credit line as they will block this amount to cover minimum deductible / fuel and in case you need to extend the rental.

Please note that some rental companies do not accept American Express.


We do not charge for cancellations if client cancels at least 7 days before arrival date on voucher. Just advise us for the new dates and we will calculate the new value. We do not give credits or refunds if client returns the car (early drop-offs) before the time of departure on the voucher after the rental is started. In case of overbooking by the car company our maximum lialibity is the value of our voucher and you must call us as we are always able to get the car at another company. All refunds will be done thru Paypal only.

How can you offer cars at such discounted prices?

For two reasons. First, we have teamed up with the biggest car rental in Portugal who have negotiated these favorable rates. Second, we use the internet to do all the transactions which cuts our cost considerably.

Who created Portugal-auto-rentals.com ?

The service was developed by Brinkleys Systems S.A. an Internet company that specializes in online car reservation systems. For a list of other country services, please write to us.

Driving speed limits

Towns: 31mph (50kmh), outside built-up areas: 56/62mph (90/100kmh), motorways: 74mph (120kmh)

Drinking and driving

Blood alcohol limit is 50mg. at official tram stops, overtaking is forbidden until passengers have finished entering or leaving the tram.

Other prohibitions

Carrying gas cans in cars is forbidden. Do not use the horn except to warn of danger. Park on the right. Give way to the right. Tolls and fine are clients responsabilities

Travel to other countries

Travel to Greece, Morocco or any country involved in war is prohibited. Travel to any country outside western Europe must be requested in advance. Travel to Spain requires a Special Insurance. Please call us for details.

Advise From Us

On arrivals do note that car companies attendants are very aggressive selling extras insurances and other extras and also upgrades to bigger cars but please note that this will duplicate the amount of rental so use your own good judgment please.

An International Driver’s License (IDL) is required if the renter’s national driver’s license is not in Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese). International driver's license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver. UK license holders must present both the photocard and its paper counterpart at the time of rental.

If you do not present any of the documents listed above, the documentation is not valid or you do not have enough funds on your credit card, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle and no funds will be reimbursed to you. Make sure you have a large enough limit to cover the excess. Car companies will only accept original documentation. Copies of documents are not accepted.

Please note that if you collect or return your vehicle outside the pick-up / drop-off time and date booked, additional charges may be applicable. Please also note that the vehicle may not be available if you arrive late to the rental desk. If the vehicle is not released due to a late arrival no funds will be reimbursed. In the event of a delay please contact the rental provider directly.

Quotes are valid for 24 hours only - also note that Automatic cars, Vans and Cabriolets should be requested and booked well in advance as they are sold out months in advance. To confirm your quote you must book it on website or reply to this email with name, address, phone and flight arrival information please.

Early returns are no longer credited by car rental companies.

If you want to change your booking, you'll be subject to the new rates as they change all the time.